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Cum Clinic Comp. Vol. 8

Volume #8

Cum Clinic's Volume #8 Pics

Handjobs and sensual massages are available at the Cum Clinic. Patients always appreciate a good hand job or massage to make them feel good and relaxed. Even if it's just to get a massage from a hot masseuse, they always appreciate it. Things can occasionally get out of hand; a client may want to be daring and have that massage in a specific personal region. It is not uncommon for clients to request prostate massages; these clients have a desire to have that area soothed and stroked. The cock milking sessions are for the more daring, who are not hindered by typical mental barriers. Why not push the boundaries a little if you're more fluid in your thought patterns and how you see things? It really helps to free your mind and relax, removing most of your inhibitions and simply going with the flow of the energy in the room.

The Clinic's nurses are experts at creating this relaxing environment; all you have to do is let them lead the way and be yourself. Even without reading your chart, they know exactly what you want and need. The Clinic is popular because having a willing pleaser who attends to your specific needs is always welcome. The cock milking, massages, handjobs, and hot nurses, on the other hand, are a nice bonus. You can always expect more of the same from the Clinic's Nurses in this latest compilation. If cocks are present, they will be milked, rubbed, tugged, and finished. You will be massaged from head to toe by the Clinic's ladies. Your sensitive areas will also receive prompt attention.

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