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Princess Lizy

Gloryhole Swallows (Princess Lizy)

Princess Lizy's Pics

Princess Lizy is the latest blonde to visit the boys for her first Gloryhole scene. It isn't every day that a girl with a split tongue drops in for a visit. She has been anticipating this moment for some time, and we are relieved that it has finally arrived. I'm sure the guys will agree that it was worth the wait. She's not the type to stand on ceremony with a cock in front of her face, and it seems that the deepthroat is a nice trick up her sleeve. When one is pointed at her mouth, she knows exactly what to do. If you met her on the street, I'm sure no alarms would go off to reveal her secret desires. She's been pleasing for a long time, and it shows in her first scene.

Many talented Vixens have recently dropped by, and with Princess Lizy as a new addition, the roster is all A+ talent. She has a tenacious mouth that grabs hold and refuses to let go until you're ready to blow. In some ways, you almost feel sorry for the boys who have to put up with her punishing mouth. I did say nearly! Princess Lizy fits right in, and we hope to see her in more scenes in the future. She's got a nice booty that we'd all like to see bouncing around, especially on a nice big cock.

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