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Cum Clinic Comp. Vol. 10

Volume #10

Cum Clinic's Volume #10 Pics

Handjobs and sensual massages are available at the Cum Clinic. A good hand massage or hand treatment will always make a patient feel good and relaxed. Even if it's just to get a massage from a hot masseuse, they always appreciate it. Things can get out of hand at times; a client may want to be brave and have that massage in a specific personal region. Clients frequently request prostate massages; they want that area to be soothed and stroked. The cock milking sessions are only for the brave and those who are not hindered by typical mental barriers. If your thought patterns and perceptions are more fluid, why not push the boundaries a little?

The Clinic's nurses are experts at creating this relaxing atmosphere; all you have to do is follow their lead and be yourself. Even if they haven't read your chart, they know exactly what you want and need. The Clinic is popular because it is always appreciated to have someone who is eager to please and attends to your specific needs. The cock milking, massages, handjobs, and hot nurses, on the other hand, are a nice bonus. You can always expect more of the same from the Clinic's Nurses in this latest compilation. If any cocks are present, they will be milked, rubbed, tugged, and finished. The ladies at the Clinic will massage you from head to toe. Your sensitive areas will also be addressed as soon as possible.

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