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Gloryhole Swallows (Jupiter)

Jupiter's Pics

Jupiter's first visit to Gloryhole was fantastic. It's always entertaining to see a gorgeous blonde go at cocks till there's no more come left. She has only one Gloryhole scene under her belt, but it is more than enough to please any Gloryhole fans out there. You must constantly keep an eye out for the silent ones. She is endowed with unfathomable abilities, aptitude, and potential. This unnamed Gloryhole warrior is a pleasure vortex. Her technique is flawless as she encircles the head with her dick-sucking lips and pushes them down the shaft for a stunning eruption. She'll simply keep sucking it out of you while she transports you to a state of bliss.

The first Gloryhole scene had her placed on her knees for the duration, with no fucking, fingering, or licking, but that's good because you can't run a mile in 5 minutes. At least, the majority of us cannot. She works that cum out of you again and over again with great skill and consistency, using her hands and lips. There's some deepthroat action to break things up, and then it's back to massaging the cock's head for the cumshot finale. She should set up shop at the Gloryhole on a regular basis for people seeking a high-quality pitstop on their way home.

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