Cum Clinic Comp. Vol. 15
The Cum Clinic



Cum Clinic Comp. Vol. 15

Volume #15

Cum Clinic's Volume #15 Pics

Sensual massages and handjobs are available at the Cum Clinic. A decent hand massage or treatment will always be beneficial and calming to a patient. Even if it is only a massage from a nice masseuse, they are always grateful. At times, things can get out of hand, and a customer may want to take a chance and have the massage in a particularly sensitive spot. Clients usually want prostate massages to relax and massage that area. The cock milking sessions are only available to the courageous and those who have overcome common mental problems. Why not push the boundaries a little farther if your brain processes and perceptions are more adaptive?

The Clinic's nurses are experienced at creating a pleasant atmosphere; all you have to do is follow their lead and be yourself. They know exactly what you want and need even if they haven't read your chart. The Clinic is well-known since it is always welcomed to have someone ready to satisfy and answer to your individual demands. However, the cock milking, massages, handjobs, and gorgeous nurses are an additional benefit. This latest collection has more of the same from the Clinic's Nurses. If there are any cocks around, they will be milked, stroked, tugged, and completed. The Clinic's ladies will massage you from head to toe.

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